For Startups: How To Deal With Large Enterprise Customers

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When I started Visual Website Optimizer, my sole focus was on selling to small & medium enterprises (SME). However, since the last two years, we started getting interest from a lot of enterprise prospects. Of course, if a Fortune 500 company [...]

Deal Closure & Negotiations – Tackling Large Telecom / Application Companies for the Operator Business

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Last time round, I had written about my experiences with the engagement phase and now, once we have sold the idea, established  value and created our position, it is time to close the deal. The Negotiations Negotiations can be tricky, for a [...]

Branding: The Gangnam Style


No matter how busy you’ve been lately, you certainly would’ve come across the latest internet sensation after Kolaveri Di – Gangnam Style. Just in case you’ve somehow managed to miss this latest global internet phenomenon, here’s a quick fact file. Gangnam [...]

The Importance Of Community Building & Mentoring For A Startup

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Pankaj Jain (@pjain) calls himself a ‘Startup Junkie’ and rightly so! A NYC native, he left his life behind to look for challenges and adventures back at his ancestral land – India. And that’s precisely what he got. Here’s a short [...]

‘Employee Development’ – Does It Make Business Sense For A Startup / SME?

Employee Development

Is ‘employee development’ another one of those HR terms thrown around loosely or something of recognizable value to your organization? What levers do you have as an organization or manager, in the management and retention of your employees? As an HR [...]

Branding For Bootstrapped Startups

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If you're a bootstrapped startup, chances are you have all your energies channelized towards your product/service offering while completely ignoring one of the critical aspects that will reap huge benefits in the future - Branding. Bootstrapped startups (and sometimes even VC funded [...]

To Start A Product Or A Services Business?


Today, coincidentally, two startup entrepreneurs asked me the same question. Should we run a service business or slowly transition into a product business? Having run both, a service business (for 5 years) and a product business (4 years) my answer was straightforward - try to get into the product business as soon [...]

The Hard Facts About The QSR Business

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Are you a foodie and do you dream about starting your own food venture? No wonder a large number of start-ups mushroom in the F&B space. Unfortunately, the reality isn’t as glamorous as the imagination- statistics show that 7 out [...]